Part 2: Crafting Admission Essays

Graduate schools in the United Kingdom will typically request you to submit at least two essays: a Personal Statement and a Statement of Purpose (or Research Statement). Some

schools will request you to submit additional essays as well.

• The personal statement describe how your life experiences prepared you for that specific graduate school program. If you think about it as a timeline, it should focus on your past and your present

• The statement of purpose is your projections of what you will do during your graduate program, and how that is going to impact your career and life. It should focus on your present and future. These essays are your opportunity to tell your story to the

admission committee


  • Retrospect to understand who you are, and what life events best convey that and tell your story on why you should be granted that admission.
  • Avoid looking at essay templates as much as possible, it is the number one enemy to crafting authentic and original essays.
  • Have your essays reviewed by friends and mentors you trust, especially ones that attended your dream schools. 
  • Follow the limits (if imposed) by attempting to be +/- 10% off the
  • required word limit.

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