Part 3: Collecting recommendation letters

Admission in the United Kingdom relies heavily on the quality of your recommendation letters. Your recommenders should be people who know you well enough to write a highly personalized letter for you. You would typically be requested to submit 3 recommendation letters per program. The generic ones (Student X is serious, vigorous and all positive words in the English dictionary) will most likely do you more harm than good.

You also should ask your recommender to supplement his praise with specific examples and

instances where you demonstrated these qualities


Choose your recommenders carefully. They need to be able to speak about you inside and outside the workplace

• Pick people who know you well

• Pick people who have seen you over time

• Pick people who think you’re REALLY great (exaggeration helps

Approach your recommenders early on and get their approval

• Make sure your recommenders are on-board to write the letter 3-

4 months before the deadline

• Reach out to your recommenders ~1 month before deadline

Select recommenders who have a high success rate

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