Part 4: Applying for schools

Once you have established the specific program you want to pursue, comes the important step of choosing which university to apply to. This admission to universities in the UK

depends greatly on:

• Your academic profile

• Your application package (essays, resume and recommendation letters)

• Your test scores

• Your financials

Your list should include at least 3-4 universities. Base your choices on the factors you deem important


Know what you are optimizing for whether it is brand, geographical location, post program career path, and prioritize accordingly

Apply early as first cycle batches typically have the biggest intakes 

Request informational interviews with admission staffs and current students

Always include a safe choice university, one where you are certain to obtain an admission

Finding the best school for you within a limited budget might be very challenging.

Choose the school of your dream and leave the financing part on us For more info visit

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